Chain4Travel Zuwanderung Story

„Hi, I’m Mohamed, DevOps Engineer at Chain4Travel. I’m 33 years old and I have been in Germany for 6 years. I’m originally from Alexandria, Egypt. My story starts after High School, when I was a top ranked student at my school and I got a scholarship in the German University in Cairo. And during my Bachelor studies in Mechatronics I got another scholarship to do my Bachelor Thesis in Augsburg, Germany in 2013 at iwb institute of TUM. Then after 5 months, I returned back to Egypt to finish my last year at the university. I graduated from Engineering Faculty major of Mechatronics in the  German University in Cairo in 2014 with grade Excellent High Honours. Then I worked as an Application Engineer in PGESCo (Power Generation Engineering and Services Company), in Cairo,Egypt for 3 years.

I decided to pursue my Master studies and I applied for the Master Program in Robotics in TU-Dortmund. After getting accepted, I moved to Germany in October 2017. During my first year , I got married to my beloved Egyptian wife, who I knew from my university in Egypt. She is also doing her PhD studies in Lung immune system at LMU.  After 6 months I became a working student and I worked as software developer at KROHNE in Bochum (A company which produces measuring devices and radars). In October 2018, my son was born.  So imagine, studying for my master degree, part-time working in a company which was 1.5-hour far from us and also helping my wife babysitting. It was tough but enjoyable.

Then after finishing my Master Program in TU-Dortmund in October 2019, we moved to Rosenheim because I got a new offer from VIRES part of Hexagon, a software company for driving simulations. I worked there as a software Developer for 3 years.

After that I felt that I needed to have a new adventure in my journey and I searched for a new job. That’s when I got invited to an interview at Chain4Travel. What  a coincidence ! at that time I wanted to make a project for travel bookings with crypto currency. Then I found myself in an interview for a company which creates a blockchain for the whole travel industry (Camino Network). I was very excited and I think the interview went very well and surprisingly I got an offer after 1 hour of the interview.

I’m really enjoying working with the team. Creating a new technology for the travel industry is very promising. I didn’t feel for a moment that I’m different because I’m not german in Chain4Travel or my previous company. We are all one team and we are working together to provide the best software/technology for the benefits of our community.

One more important thing to mention is that of course all team members did a great job for Camino Network to be live, but I had the honor to press the button which made the network to be live because I’m the DevOps man here. 😉 😄“

Mitarbeiter wie Mohammed sind für uns als Startup der Schlüssel zum Erfolg: neugierig, pragmatisch, äusserst hilfsbereit & flexibel und immer bereit überduchschnittliche Leistung zu bringen egal zu welcher Tages oder Nachtzeit.

– Pablo Castillo, Chief Technology Officer, Chain4Travel AG